The Dark Side of Service Aggregators: Reviews of Thumbtack, Angie’s List, and More

The Dark Side of Service Aggregators: Reviews of Thumbtack, Angie's List, and More

In an era where online platforms promise convenience and quality service at the click of a button, the reality often falls short of expectations. Thumbtack, Angie’s List, and their ilk claim to connect users with top-rated professionals, but beneath the glossy facade lies a web of dissatisfaction, frustration, and broken promises.


“Thumbtack is a cesspool of underqualified ‘professionals’ who undercut prices and overpromise but underdeliver,” lamented Sarah M., a disgruntled homeowner. “I hired a plumber through Thumbtack, and not only did they botch the job, but they left a mess that I had to pay someone else to clean up.”

Contractors, too, voice their grievances. “Thumbtack’s bidding system is a race to the bottom,” remarked John D., a contractor. “Clients only care about the lowest price, not quality or experience. It’s impossible to compete without sacrificing standards.”

Angie’s List (Now Angi)

Once hailed as a beacon of trust and reliability, Angie’s List has lost its luster in the eyes of many consumers. “I signed up for Angie’s List thinking I’d find reputable contractors, but all I got was a list of overpriced mediocrity,” shared Michael P., a disillusioned homeowner.

Contractors echo these sentiments, citing Angie’s List’s opaque review system and exorbitant fees. “Angie’s List charges us a small fortune just to be listed, and then they filter our reviews to favor their paying advertisers,” revealed Lisa S., a contractor. “It’s a rigged game where only the company profits.”


HomeAdvisor, another player in the service aggregator arena, faces similar criticism. “HomeAdvisor is a joke,” declared Amanda R., a dissatisfied customer. “I hired a landscaper through them, and not only did they show up late, but they did half the work and disappeared with my deposit.”

Contractors also decry HomeAdvisor’s practices, citing unfair competition and lack of support. “HomeAdvisor floods us with leads, but most of them are dead ends or tire-kickers looking for free estimates,” lamented David W., a contractor. “And if we dare to complain, they threaten to suspend our account.”


TaskRabbit, known for its gig economy approach to odd jobs and errands, isn’t immune to criticism either. “TaskRabbit is unreliable and unprofessional,” stated Emily L., a dissatisfied user. “I hired someone to assemble furniture, and they showed up late, didn’t bring the right tools, and left without finishing the job.”

Contractors on TaskRabbit also face challenges, including low pay and lack of job security. “TaskRabbit takes a hefty cut of our earnings, leaving us with peanuts for our hard work,” expressed Mark K., a contractor. “And if we refuse a task or underbid, they penalize us by lowering our visibility.”

In conclusion, the promises of convenience and quality made by service aggregator websites like Thumbtack, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, TaskRabbit and others often ring hollow. Dissatisfied customers and disillusioned contractors alike paint a picture of platforms rife with deception, incompetence, and exploitation. Until these issues are addressed, consumers and service providers alike would do well to tread cautiously in the murky waters of online service aggregation.

Take the time to search for qualified contractors with good ratings. Ask friends and coworkers for recommendations. You’ll be rewarded, and so will the contractor.

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