How College Helps Your Future Career

How College Helps Your Future Career

You may know one or more people in your life who went to college or university many years ago and who are now working in an entirely different professional arena than their degree subject. 

Alternatively, perhaps you are from a particularly academic family and are convinced that the successful acquisition of a degree is essential for a prosperous future.

Whichever way you look at it, going to college will serve you well in your future career and here is how!

Whether or not you are someone who believes that higher education is essential should you want to live a fulfilling and prosperous life, it is a proven fact that college graduate majors are almost guaranteed to see their starting salaries grow over time.

As of 2024, the approximate average national salary for US citizens is $55,500 a year, whereas those individuals in possession of a college degree is much higher, with an average of $68,000 annually. 

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Not only will the successful acquisition of a college degree improve your career and earning prospects immeasurably, but ensconcing yourself in college life will also do wonders for your personal growth and even boost your levels of self-esteem and confidence. 

Most students provide glowing reports of their time at college, from the academic knowledge they have acquired to the additional skills gained, such as communication, teamwork, organization, time-management, and a sense of achievement. 

In order for your chosen career path to become a vocation, high levels of enjoyment and continuing personal growth are both essential. 

Now, this is not to say that those individuals who decline the opportunity to attend college and instead throw themselves immediately into full-time work as soon as they graduate high school are not fulfilled in their work.

However, numerous research studies have conclusively proven that the successful acquisition of a college degree leads to greater job satisfaction in the long term. According to a recent study by Forbes, for example, a staggering eighty-six percent of college degree holders consider their career to be far more than just a paycheck, compared to thirty-eight percent of high-school graduates. 

Undeniably, especially due to the highly competitive nature of the modern job market, not only do you need to build a strong and ever-developing network of mutually beneficial partnerships, but crucially, you need to maintain one. 

A college degree will place you in prime position to make industry-specific connections, both in terms of the professionals (and your peers) on-campus, but also through the numerous additional opportunities you are provided.

Every reputable college encourages their students to attend job fairs and development workshops in their chosen field and moreover, such exposure to industry professionals is unlikely to be as plentiful or as prosperous anywhere else but within the college system. 

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