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Every person has an “ego”, which helps them build a unique identity and boost their self-confidence. However, there are times when our “ego” tends to become excessive and cause problems, especially when collaborating with others and making judgments.

At the workplace, having a unique perspective and showing your personality is okay. However, it would be best to control your ego in critical situations to prevent conflicts and losses.

If you are having trouble taming your ego, here are some ways to tame it at work or at any time:

Review Your Feelings

Sometimes, we don’t recognize that our ego is in play because we don’t know what triggers us. Take some time to review your responses in certain situations and ask yourself why you may have felt angry, defensive or unsupportive. When it happens again, think about your feelings and think about how you can react best. This will reduce the occurrence of impulsive reactions, which may not be appropriate for the situation.

Accept That Mistakes Happen

Our egos tend to reappear when we make errors, no matter how simple they may be. If we want to overcome our ego’s influence, we must learn to accept that we are not perfect and that there will be times when we will make mistakes. When we do make mistakes, we must learn from them and find ways to overcome them. Once you accept this fact, you will become more aware of others and find common ground, which will open better collaboration with them.

Take On New Challenges

You can also tame your ego by being open to trying out new things. As you do these new things, you will be able to open your mind about this field and respect those who specialize in these tasks. You will also become more appreciative of these tasks and be open to working with them.

Do Not Disregard People’s Capacity To Contribute

Our egos cause us to believe we are better than others and cannot contribute as well as we could. If you want to let go of your ego, you need to let go of your preconceived notions about your teammates. Let them speak during discussions; you may be surprised by their unique ideas.

Let That Ego Go

Finally, if your ego is getting in the way of your work and how you interact with people at the workplace, you should pause and consider if you need to change. If it is terrible, letting go and changing your mindset may be the best. If you are having problems changing your mindset, vent your anger or frustrations by writing it down or shouting it out. Once you acknowledge the instances in which your ego appears, you will find it easy to let go of these frustrations.

Controlling one’s ego and overcoming it can change how you work, especially if done correctly. You can focus on showing your potential and be an effective team player. So, don’t hesitate to use these tips as a guide and tweak them to suit your needs and situation.

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