Sound in Motion Hosts MELLODEATH Mall of America Popup and Sold out Show

Crisp lasers fill the venue at The Armory in Minneapolis. Photo credit;: Brez Media

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Spring is an exciting time for EDM enthusiasts in Minneapolis. The weather is warming up, the walks to and from the concert venues are getting easier, and summer festival season is right around the corner. It is the perfect time to start marking up the calendars with the must-see music events around the Twin Cities, many of which are expertly produced and put on by Sound in Motion, the Twin Cities’ premier music production company. SIMShows recently made EDM history by hosting 2 massively successful events for MELLODEATH, a pseudonym for the collaboration between two of the biggest names in EDM music —SYDDEN DEATH and Marshmello. They organized both a popup DJ set at Mall of America, the biggest mall in the country, and an exhilerating sold-out show at The Armory, the most popular music venue in Minneapolis.

Crisp lasers fill every inch of The Armory in Minneapolis. Photo credit;: Brez Media

SIMShows started out the exciting day by arranging a popup event at Mall of America. This legendary daytime DJ set is the first Sound in Motion has hosted at the colossal 4 story megamall. They certainly didn’t disappoint — hundreds of hardcore headbangers took to the GA pit for 4 hours of energizing DJ sets, with MELLODEATH taking the stage halfway through the event. With malls all over the country losing business and even having to close down altogether, this was the perfect event to bring life back to the dying mall industry. Not only did it cause EDM music lovers from all over the Twin Cities metro area to flock to the iconic Mall, but it also introduced thousands of daily MOA shoppers who may not listen to or follow EDM music to the headbanging PLUR culture. It was a genius marketing strategy for both sides! This will certainly not be the last pop-up music event Sound in Motion puts on.

Virtual Riot at The Armory
Virtual Riot opens up for MELLODEATH wth an exhilerating set for the sold-out crowd. Photo credit: Brez Media

After all the excitement of the big pop-up at the Mall of America, it was hard to imagine an even bigger event happening later that night. Luckily for MELLODEATH fans, there was still an electrifying sold-out show to look forward to at the Armory in Minneapolis! The long night of fun started with energetic beats from the up-and-coming DJ MUNK. The sold-out crowd then got a musical punch in the neck when YVM3 took the stage with his intense mix of screamo and headbang-worthy drops. Finally, no stranger to Minneapolis, VIRTUAL RIOT took the stage to the eager Minneapolis crowd ready to welcome him back. The German DJ hyped the sold-out crowd to maximum levels with his mix of the popular genre riddim, future bass, electro house, and even sprinkles of melodic bass. The bassheads in the crowd certainly were given all the headbang-worthy drops they could dream of with these three openers.

MELLODEATH DJ's SVDDEN DEATH and Marshmello perform on a unique stage setup. Photo credit: Brez Media
MELLODEATH DJ’s SVDDEN DEATH and Marshmello perform on a unique stage setup. Photo credit: Brez Media

Finally, to the screaming sold-out Armory crowd’s delight, MELLODEATH took the stage. Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH are no strangers to the energetic Minneapolis crowd, but the collaboration between the two DJ giants created an EDM music experience unlike any Minneapolis had seen before. Not only are their drops both electrifying, brain pulsing, and perfectly timed to the average headbanger’s rhythm, but the stage production was on a unique caliber all of its own. The stage was split into two horizontal levels, with SVDDEN DEATH on the bottom and MarshMELLO above. There were also two levels of lights and lasers between the two artists. This unique separation during the collaboration likely made for a very challenging production — one only a truely top-notch production company could accomplish. Sound in Motion not only made it possible for the MELLODEATH vision to come to life, but the show went on seamlessly with seemingly no delays or visual mistakes. The visuals on the two-tiered screens never faltered, the crisp lasers danced around the venue, the colorful lights pulsated to each energizing beat, and there were even small fireworks let off during a few bass-heavy drops. SIMShows truly outdid themselves by orchestrating this incredible stage production. It was truly a night of EDM to remember.

Incredible lasers at MELLODEATH. Photo Credit: Brez Media

Sound in Motion produces almost all of the most exciting and popular EDM shows in the Twin Cities. Anytime an upcoming show is produced by them, EDM enthusiasts are in for a seamless production and audiovisual perfection. Catch their upcoming shows at The Armory in Minneapolis this summer: Black Tiger Sex Machine on Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th, Steve Aoki on Friday June 7th and Porter Robinson on September 28th.

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