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Promotions are a highlight of anyone’s career. They bring you closer to your career goal, and you will now have access to better projects and even better pay. Promotions also help you stay motivated and feel good about your skills.

But when your colleagues get promoted, how do you respond? Are you happy for them? Or are you envious of them?

Being envious of your colleagues when they get promoted can cause friction in the workplace. So, what do you do to manage your feelings about the promotion and still work well with your colleagues? Here are some tips we highly recommend you try:

Show Humility

Being humble is one of the best ways to manage your response to your colleague’s promotion. When you show humility, your colleagues will feel relieved that you are still the same and ready to help them succeed.

Use The Right Tone

You should also adjust your tone when you talk with your peers while establishing your leadership role. Create a comforting yet authoritative tone that your colleagues can recognize, and open opportunities for them to speak to you effectively.

It would help if you also spoke to the team about their new roles and how they can help the entire project. If you understand the tasks well and which members will fit specific tasks, your team will become more confident in your leadership abilities.

Don’t Gossip!

You should also avoid gossiping about your colleagues. While it is expected to talk about work and what they hate with colleagues, it can become an awkward discussion when the boss comes into the picture.

If it is unavoidable to hear gossip, you don’t have to cut off any discussions with your team. Just set boundaries to prevent discussions from straying away from the topic and going to gossip.

Be Patient

Promotions will shift the team as emotions flare up, especially if one team member feels they were overlooked for the promotion.

Take some time to assess the situation and see which areas will cause problems for the team. Propose solutions which the team can follow and open cooperation.

Be Open-minded

It is always best to be open to changes in the team. Take some time to understand the situation first and accept the changes. This will allow you to transition more quickly and accept the promotions your colleagues received.

Handling the promotions of your teammates will not always be easy, especially if you believe it is a big promotion for which you should be qualified. However, you must change your mindset about these promotions because they will only cause problems for the entire team if you show disdain. Be patient and speak to your team to find ways to adapt together. Use the tips above to get you started and help you find the right balance you need to handle these changes in work.

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