Creating A Data-Driven Recruiting Process

Creating A Data-Driven Recruiting Process

In today’s episode we discuss the importance of a data-driven recruiting process with Ellis Briery, talent lead and former Head of Talent at Triplebyte.

About the episode

After sharing a fun story on how he accidentally became a recruiter, Ellis explains the impact of data on talent acquisition teams. He discusses key metrics in recruitment, such as time to hire, cost per hire and quality of hire. We also cover candidate experience metrics which are often overlooked. Ellis shares success stories of implementing a data-driven approach and addresses the challenges organizations face when transitioning to this approach.


  • Recruiters often become recruiters by accident, but the skills required for recruiting are similar to those of salespeople.
  • A data-driven recruiting process is scalable, efficient, and helps talent teams uncover biases. But most recruitment teams of today aren’t data-driven.
  • Most common recruitment metrics like time to hire and cost per hire are important but don’t always show the big picture.
  • Other key recruitment metrics are quality of hire and candidate experience metrics, which are often overlooked.
  • The challenges of implementing a data-driven approach include stakeholder management and addressing resistance to change within the organization.
  • One of the success stories of data-driven recruiting is implementing the Rooney Rule for diversity and improving offer acceptance rates.
  • Imposter syndrome is common in the recruiting industry, and it’s important to embrace it and continue learning and growing… or as Ellis likes to say “Fake it until you can fake it on a larger scale”.

Topics discussed

00:00 Introduction
02:40 How Are Recruiters Similar to Salespeople
03:17 The Evolution of Recruiting
07:29 The Importance of Data in Recruitment
08:48 Are Recruitment Teams of Today Data-Driven?
10:32 How A Data-Driven Process Removes Biases
12:25 Key Metrics in Recruitment
18:11 Candidate Experience Metrics
22:16 Collecting Data
25:40 How to Use Data to Improve Processes
29:17 Challenges in Transitioning to a Data-Driven Approach
34:16 Success Stories of Data-Driven Recruitment
37:39 Imposter Syndrome
39:18 Conclusion

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