Hiring top talent in Romania

Hiring top talent in Romania

In today’s episode we discuss hiring talent from Romania with Vlad Romuald Pop, the founder of Brain Source Recruitment and a tech recruiter with 10+ years of experience.

About the episode

In the latest episode of the Relancer Podcast, Vlad shares valuable insights about hiring in Romania. After sharing his experience spanning over a decade, Vlad unpacks the Romanian job market, sharing the most popular roles and job boards. He explains the state of tech in Romania, covering salary levels and legal questions about hiring Romanian talent. We also discuss the cultural differences as Vlad shares tactics to attract and source top talent in Romania.


  • Vlad’s first experience in recruitment was back in 2009 while he was working in sales. Hiring a sales team at a leading telecommunications company sparked his interest in recruitment. Not soon after he transitioned to recruitment and started focusing on tech roles.
  • With a workforce of 5.7 million, Romania’s job market is growing rapidly. It’s an emerging market and the most developed sectors are IT, retail, services, and tourism.
  • IT contributes about 6.5% to the country’s GDP. The tech sector attracts not only top-notch talent but also global companies seeking skilled professionals, as Romania has some of the most skilled developers and engineers in Europe.
  • While platforms like eJobs, LinkedIn and BestJobs are used in Romania, Vlad highlights the need for tailored strategies, particularly for tech roles.
  • In a competitive talent landscape, Vlad stresses that companies prioritizing employee well-being, offering competitive salaries, and focusing on flexibility are more likely to attract and retain top talent.
  • Vlad describes the current scenario as the perfect time for businesses to invest in talent acquisition and hire top talent in Romania. With a pool of highly motivated and skilled individuals seeking employment, companies can hire highly skilled employees while cutting costs.

Topics discussed

00:00 Intro and Vlad’s Background
03:00 Transitioning from Sales to Recruitment
08:17 Overview of the Job Market in Romania
14:04 Outsourcing and Relocating Talent in Romania
20:13 Salary Levels in Romania
27:24 Cultural Differences when Hiring Romanian Talent
29:26 Tips for Attracting Talent in Romania
33:24 Regulatory and Legal Considerations in Hiring in Romania
36:46 It’s the Best Time to Hire in Romania in the Past 10 Years

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