Career Coach Office Hours: April 9 2024

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

I answered questions about #jobsearch. If you can’t attend live, mark that you’ll attend on LinkedIn, message your question to me there, and watch the replay. Join me at noon Eastern on Tuesdays.


00:00 Intro

03:13 The jobs report

08:23 I put in my 2 weeks resignation notice a week ago and my manager is assigning me so much work during my last 3 days. How do I address my concerns?

11:02 Will it help more in a job interview to be bubbly or serious?

14:03 After two interviews at a large firm, one rejection, another interview for a different role, and another rejection, is it possible to get called for an interview again and get hired within six months of the first couple of rejections?

15:32 What should I say during a job interview if the hiring manager asks me how I stand out against other people?

17:14 About JobSearch.Community 18:01Job application changed from “reviewed” to “submitted” what does that mean?

18:59 What does it mean if the first round of an interview is with the boss of the hiring manager? 22:08 It’s been almost 4 months since I lost my job. I have had very little movement with first interviews. I have applied for over 90 jobs, sent introduction emails to heads of Sales to show my drive to be proactive and mention a few values points I bring to the table just to receive Dear John letters over and over. I have had people in my network make introductions for me into their company with no success for an initial interview. These are jobs I am very well qualified for. I have a unique way to listen to the prospects pain points, provide a solution that will allow them to sleep better at night while growing revenues for my employer. How is it that a seasoned, successful salesperson who has been to President’s Club multiple times, grew pipelines 4-5x, closed lots of business not get interviews? The last 4 years have been out of our control with COVID layoffs, restructuring layoffs and new leadership bringing their own team in.

26:31 What is the best time for a recruiter to call you for an interview?

27:33 Is it rude to not answer an interview question?

29:11 How should a cover letter be addressed when there is no name on the job posting?

30:52 Outro

How Far Can You Go?


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