mistakes at work: a round-up

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This post was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager.

Here’s a round-up of posts about mistakes at work.

what to do when you make a mistake at work

you made a mistake at work — now what?

how do I recover from a huge, fireable mistake at work?

how do I handle a serious mistake on my self-evaluation?

how big of a deal are mistakes when you’re new to a job?

how to rebuild your credibility after messing up at work

when you didn’t make a mistake, but someone thinks you did

my boss thinks I made a mistake — but I didn’t

how can I explain a mistake wasn’t mine without looking like a tattletale?

my manager doesn’t defend me from mistaken complaints

mistakes and how you feel about them

I messed up at work and I’m so ashamed

I’m so nervous at work that it’s holding me back

I’m terrified of making mistakes at my first job (and the update)

when your coworkers make mistakes

I get angry when my coworkers make mistakes

how can I tactfully point out to coworkers that a miscommunication error is theirs?

my coworker keeps missing deadlines and it impacts my work

when you keep uncovering errors made by your well-loved predecessor

how do I reply to my coworker’s apology without saying her constant mistakes are OK?

mistakes and your manager

my manager wants me to take more responsibility for my mistakes

our boss cross-examines us over minor mistakes

should I take the blame for my manager’s mistake?

what should I say to my boss when coworkers tattle on me?

can boss deduct the cost of a mistake from my paycheck?

when you’re the boss

what to do when an employee makes a serious mistake

what to do when an employee keeps making mistakes

my employee never apologizes when his mistakes cause extra work for other people

my employee blames others for her mistakes

junior employee is flippant when I correct mistakes in her work

my employees are making mistakes, but I don’t want to micromanage

a very big mistake

I accidentally sent my boss to Italy instead of Florida

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