What To Do If Your Company Outsources Or Automates Your Job

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Many companies today look for ways to run leaner operations. This might mean turning to outsourcing or automation in an attempt to cut costs and improve efficiency. This makes good business sense but can leave you reeling.

In this article, the team from SupportYourApp discusses what you can do if you lose your job for one of these reasons.

What is the Company’s Next Step?

There are a lot of alarmist theories about how artificial intelligence will replace the human workforce. It’s true that there will be jobs that will fall away because AI can perform them better. However, what’s also true is that the increasing reliance on this technology will mean that there are new fields opening to us.

At this point, it’s pointless to panic. If you get wind of your company’s plan to outsource or automate jobs, you need to know what their next step is. Are they actually planning to make you redundant?

In most cases, the answer depends on your contract. It may not be as easy to let you go as you think. The company may also have plans to move you to a new division or retrain you. In other words, you need to find out what their plans for you are before you panic.

Understand the Rationale

Your next step is to find out why your role is falling away. This enables you to find out if it’s a strategic move or if it’s simply to cut costs. If the company is looking for ways to cut costs, can you suggest alternatives?

You might also need to consider that this is essential for the company to continue operating. This means that it’s probably better to find something else.

Explore the Alternatives

Your next step is to approach management and see if there’s another role you can take on. Be sure to ask if you need to upskill yourself to improve your value as an employee.

Make Sure Everything is By the Book

If you’re receiving a severance package, negotiate the best deal possible. You should also find out what your rates are and make sure that the company acts according to the law. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, consider hiring a labor lawyer or speaking to your union rep.

Update Your Resume and Network

Now’s the time to reach out to your professional network and explain the situation. You might get valuable job opportunities by doing this. However, don’t fall into the trap of looking for new work on your existing company’s time.

Be Professional

It stings to lose your job. It’s also very stressful and likely to cause you anxiety. It’s tempting to badmouth your employer or shirk your duties. You should rather act professionally until the end.

It’s always better to leave on good terms because people in the industry talk to each other. Acting professionally helps you maintain a good reputation and can lead to you getting positive references.

Plan for the Transition

Be a team player and do everything you can to make the transition go smoothly. Make sure any pending projects are handed over, and consider documenting your work processes. This shows the company that there are no hard feelings and might even impress them enough to recommend you for another job.

Evaluate Future Opportunities

Sometimes, these setbacks are blessings in disguise. Take the opportunity to re-evaluate your career goals and see if you want to continue in the same industry. Maybe you can use the severance package to start your own business or launch a new career.

Invest in Professional Development

If you’re stuck between jobs, use the time for professional development. You can enroll with a company like Coursera to take free classes. If you want a certificate, you have to pay for the course, but sometimes the skills are all you need.


It’s never nice to lose your job, no matter what the reason. When you lose a no-fault of your own, it can really be emotionally challenging. However, you need to stay positive and look at this as an opportunity. You should practice self-care and not allow yourself to dwell on the negative. If you approach this trying time systematically and plan carefully, it could prove to be the best outcome for you.

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