What Is The First Question to Ask When You Are Contacted?

The First Question to Ask When You Are Contacted About a Job?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

The phone rings. You receive an email or inMail from a recruiter. They want to talk with you about the job. What’s the first question you need to ask them? That’s the subject for today’s #shorts

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You’re contacted by a recruiter. What’s the first question you have to ask to start the conversation? I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a former executive recruiter. Did it for a heck of a long time. And now I’m a coach. And the question you have to start off with is, “thanks for reaching out to me. Could you tell me about the position you’re recruiting for and what I can do to help?? See, without that, you’re just talking about your background, and have no idea how it meshes with what they’re looking for. You want to connect the dots for people so that they know right away you’re fit and unless you know what their target is, you can be talking about a bunch of nothing to them. Hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. My website is JobSearch.Community. Also subscribe to my channel on YouTube called Job SearchTV. There’s a bunch of stuff there. 1000s of videos that can help you. Have a great day and be great!

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