Webinar recording: A regional comparison of AI in the workplace

Words of warning for employers: a regional comparison of AI in the workplace

As the digital revolution accelerates, employers are eagerly adopting new technologies with significant impacts on the workforce. Are you part of the 20% of employers who never consult employee representatives before introducing a new technology that will affect staff?

We understand that these technologies are so quickly evolving that it’s hard to keep up, and it’s difficult to know the right questions to ask; however, employers who wait until they are comfortable discussing these topics before seeking advice are exposing themselves to major risk.

Our global employment team hosted a webinar on 20 February 2024, during which we assessed the application of AI and Automation tools in businesses across the globe, specifically UK, Europe, USA, Singapore and Australia. We analysed how legal obligations differ according to jurisdiction and, in some cases, restrict an employers’ ability to implement technology within the workplace.  The recording of this webinar will equip you with the knowledge needed to uphold legal compliance when adopting AI and automation across all countries in which your business operates.

The recordings are available at: Webinar: Words of warning for employers | Herbert Smith Freehills | Global law firm.


Key Contacts

Emma Rohsler

Shivchand Jhinku

Fatim Jumabhoy

Tyler Hendry

Sian McKinley

Susannah Wilkinson

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