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Is your home office in need of a refresh? Check out Vänt® Panels: makers of stylish wall panels that take a room from blah to brilliant in a matter of minutes. Available in an assortment of luxurious colors and finishes, these wall panels can create an accent wall for a dramatic statement in your home office.

Transform your home office with these upholstered wall panels! Select between preconfigured layouts or custom design your wall by purchasing individual sets of panels. Vant wall panels are generously versatile, and with our plentiful choice of fabrics and configurations, they’ll fit right in with your home office decor.

For a modern touch, build a sleek leather accent wall in a luxurious zigrino or vintage leather sheen. If you’re after a plush, cozy experience, choose from suede, wool, or velvet accent wall configurations. Or choose the just-released Scalloped Panels — these panels’ elegant and versatile design will make your home office a haven of style and sophistication.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Scalloped Panels are the perfect blend of timeless beauty and modern aesthetics.

You can view all of the Vänt® Panel options online at vantpanels.com

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