Top 10 Entry-Level, Remote Work-From-Home Jobs And Companies

Top 10 Entry-Level, Remote Work-From-Home Jobs And Companies

The job market has evolved significantly, with remote jobs becoming a mainstay across industries, offering you the benefits of flexibility and the comfort of working from home.

If you’re starting your career, there is good news: companies are increasingly offering entry-level positions that embrace this work-from-home model. These positions span various fields, including customer service, sales, tech support, and more, reflecting the growing acceptance of remote work as a viable option not just for seasoned professionals but also for those at the start of their career journey.

Top Remote, Entry-Level Job Titles For New Graduates

In today’s job market, the rise of remote opportunities, particularly since the pandemic, has reshaped how you can embark on your career. Here, you can explore some of the most common entry-level titles that have emerged in these sectors:

  • Customer Service Representative: Engage with clients to provide support, often requiring strong communication skills and patience.
  • Executive Assistant: Manage administrative tasks remotely, supporting executives with organized and efficient clerical work.
  • Administrative Assistant: Serve as the virtual backbone of offices, handling routine tasks and organizational duties.
  • Billing Specialist: Focus on finance by managing invoicing and payment processing, a great entry point for future financial roles.
  • Staff Accountant: Start in the world of accounting, working with financial statements and budgets.
  • Account Executive: Kickstart a career in sales through client interactions, negotiations, and strategic planning.
  • Call Center Representative: Answer incoming calls and queries, often demanding a high level of customer service skills.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Get a taste for marketing by assisting with campaign development and material coordination.

Top 10 Career Categories for Remote, Entry-Level Jobs For College Graduates

If you’re starting out and eager to work remotely, plenty of industries are offering entry-level positions. Listed below are ten career categories where you can embark on your professional journey from the comfort of your home. Each category has plenty of potential for growth and will help you build a strong foundation for your future career.

  1. Customer Service & Support
    Kickstart your career by becoming a customer service representative. You’ll develop key communication skills by assisting customers with inquiries and resolving their issues.
  2. Administrative & Clerical
    Dive into the organizational side as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. These roles focus on managing schedules, responding to emails, and supporting team members.
  3. Accounting & Finance
    Numbers your thing? Start as a staff accountant or billing specialist. You’ll handle financial records, invoicing, and ensure correct billing practices.
  4. Sales & Business Development
    As an account executive, you’ll drive company growth by finding new clients and managing accounts, perfect for those with persuasive communication skills.
  5. Tech Support
    Help users tackle technical problems by becoming a call center representative. Your role is crucial for keeping systems and services running smoothly for clients.
  6. Marketing & Social Media
    Grow businesses online as a marketing coordinator. Your creativity will shine crafting campaigns and analyzing their impact on target audiences.
  7. Healthcare
    Remote positions in healthcare, such as medical coding, allow you to be part of the healthcare system without direct patient contact.
  8. Human Resources
    You’ll help manage personnel and internal policies, starting from positions such as HR assistants.
  9. Writing & Content Creation
    Have a way with words? Content writing and copywriting jobs are great for remote workers keen on crafting engaging content.
  10. Education & Training
    Share your knowledge through online teaching, tutoring, or creating instructional materials for a variety of subjects and skills.

Among these titles, part-time roles and positions suitable for bilingual candidates are particularly abundant, reflecting the global nature of the remote job market. If you’ve got an eye for recruiting, even this sphere offers remote opportunities, allowing you to connect talent with their ideal jobs from afar.

Top Companies Hiring For Remote, Entry-Level Jobs

  1. Tropical Haven Voyages
  2. Castillon Agency
  3. Primerica
  4. TimelyCare
  6. Fisher Agencies
  7. Randstad
  8. Robert Half International
  9. CVS Health
  10. Elevance Health

How to Find the Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs

Embarking on a job search for entry-level remote positions can be a formidable task. To streamline your quest, focus on identifying reputable employers, understanding job requirements, crafting a strong application, and leveraging career resources.

  1. Identify Your Skills and Interests: Start by assessing your skills, strengths, and interests. Consider the types of work you enjoy and the industries that interest you. Even at the entry-level, it helps to target jobs that align with your abilities and passions.
  2. Update Your Resume and Online Profiles: Tailor your resume to highlight skills and experiences relevant to remote work, such as self-motivation, time management, and familiarity with digital communication tools. Ensure your LinkedIn and other professional profiles are up to date and reflect your remote work capabilities.
  3. Search on Job Boards Specialized in Remote Work: Utilize job search websites that specialize in remote positions. Begin by visiting career sites like DailyRemote or TheWFHJobs to uncover a variety of remote opportunities across different career categories such as marketing, IT, sales, and customer service. Also, use filters on general job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to find remote entry-level positions.
  4. Look into Companies Known for Remote Work: Research companies known for their remote work culture. Companies like Buffer, Zapier, and Automattic are known for their remote-friendly environments and may have entry-level positions available.
  5. Leverage Your Network: Inform your network that you are looking for an entry-level remote position. Friends, family, former colleagues, or school alumni can provide referrals or information about job openings.
  6. Prepare for Remote Interviews: Since you’re applying for remote jobs, interviews will likely be conducted over video calls. Practice interviewing remotely by setting up mock interviews with a friend or using interview preparation websites and career guides.
  7. Demonstrate Your Remote Work Ability: In your application and interview, emphasize any previous experience you have with remote work or independent projects. If you don’t have direct experience, discuss relevant skills such as discipline, communication, and proficiency with remote work tools like Slack, Zoom, and Trello.
  8. Follow Up on Your Applications: After submitting an application, if you haven’t heard back in a week or two, it’s appropriate to send a polite follow-up email to inquire about the status of your application.


Entry-level remote jobs may be competitive, especially in certain industries. It’s important to be flexible and open to different opportunities that may not be your dream job but can serve as a stepping stone to build your career and gain remote work experience. Despite a tight labor market, many industries are in search of remote workers, providing a range of entry-level positions. Industries such as tech, finance, health, and customer service are especially known for offering entry level remote roles.

If you are looking for remote jobs, you can search on job boards focused on remote side jobs from home such as DailyRemote. Searching for a remote jobs can be a challenging experience, but it is important to maintain a positive outlook and go over our guide on how to find a remote job and join like-minded people in our LinkedIn and Facebook community.

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