Outsourcing to Bureaucracy

People are losing their cognitive ability to think.

Creativity and innovation move society forward; to cultivate these skills, an environment where people can think and act on their own accord is required.

If you continuously intervene and try to minimise adverse outcomes by telling people what to do, what do you end up with?

Minimising the number of decisions people make by giving them rules, signs, and directions might seem like a safe bet, but it risks potential catastrophe if things don’t go according to plan.

I’m not saying we should live in a lawless society with no rules; I’m suggesting we let people experience the stressors required to wake them up and remove them from the fragile cushioning of too many rules and regulations.

This can be achieved while protecting them from extreme harm and danger.

More energy can be spent focusing on catastrophic events, and small dangers can be ignored.

Consider a child.

What would happen if they were never allowed to play, explore and learn from their injuries?

There is so much talk about creating resilience in people; the only way to do this is by giving them the freedom and accountability to make their own decisions and learn from the outcome.

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