Most Important Essential Oil to Have if You Have Kids

Most Important Essential Oil to Have if You Have Kids

So, my son is a rambunctious, normal 5 year old, but I am telling you, he is forever coming home from school with cuts and bruises and everything in between. He plays hard. He’s a boy. And while I can blame his cuts and bruises on just being a boy, if I am honest, my daughter is very much the same way. Sigh! 

The only difference is that my daughter also comes home very cranky. Man, that girl is ALWAYS cranky when she comes home. I don’t know what it is…she loves her teacher, she has friends, loves school, but it’s like everything drops when we hit that door. Perhaps it’s because she’s tired from being so busy all day long. School is a lot to handle for such a young little person and so I am constantly battling her mood.

So here’s the trick. Whenever my kids have a scrape, cut, a bruise, an owie, anything really, I know a lot of people like to put Lavender oil on it, and that’s great, but I love to put kid friendly Helichrysum on it. Just one drop, twice a day. You can also put a drop of Frankincense 30 seconds after the Helichrysum oil. The Frankincense will help the body absorb the Helichrysum better. Anytime I see blood, the first thing I grab is Helichrysum! Helichrysum helps more than Lavendar, plus it helps my daughter’s mood a WHOLE LOT BETTER than something like Lavender! Seriously, I’d pay anything to help THAT!!!!! LOL.

Helichrysum has many benefits and is known for helping with deep intense anguish and turmoil. But one of the things I love it for is that it helps with a child being more thankful.

So your child comes home totally grumpy, unhappy, miserable, and you put Helichrsum on them, or because it’s a more spendy oil, just have them smell it!!! You could even use it in a diffuser if you have one! Within a few seconds, my daughter will be THANKFUL, instead of miserable. She will be that happy, joyful little girl that she is. Instead of seeing the world as the glass is half empty, she is thankful for her life, school, her family, home, etc.

Now, I’m sorry, I know what horrible years await me in her teens. She is only 9 now, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’ll be like when she’s a teenager. Lord, help me now! But I do know this….every oil helps your moods, it helps your family’s moods, and there is not a price I can put on helping my children be the man and woman they should become by helping their emotions.

Kids have a lot to deal with. School is HARD! School is not like when we were kids. The world gets eviler by the day, and the more I can influence, dare I say MAKE my kids be thankful and be in a good mood, I’m going to take it. What about you?

The most important kid safe essential oil to never be without if you have kids is Helichrysum. There are just so many things this oil can do! As a mom, you can literally be READY FOR ANYTHING with essential oils! Seriously, in a day and age when kids needs INSTANT relief, this meets that challenge!

One bottle of Helichrysum has 80-100 drops of oil in it. It literally lasts a LONG time as you only need 1 drop of oil per day depending on the issue. If you’re dealing with emotions like my daughter, you don’t even need 1 drop, just have the child smell the bottle!

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