Is Your Firm Laying Off People? Maybe This Is Happening.

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter


It isn’t just the people who are laid off who have an emotional response. So do those of you who remain.

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I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People hire me for no BS job search coaching and career advice globally, because I make the process of finding a new job and succeeding at it much easier.

When a company undergoes layoffs, the employees who retain their jobs can experience a range of difficult emotions collectively known as layoff survivor guilt. This psychological response is characterized by complex and often conflicting feelings. On the one hand, layoff survivors may feel relieved to have kept their jobs and escaped the pain of losing their livelihood. However, this relief is often tinged with guilt. Survivors may question why they were spared when their colleagues were let go leading to feelings of undeserved good fortune. They may also worry that their own job security is only temporary and thus live in constant fear that they could be next. layoff survivor.

Guilt is also marked by empathy and compassion for former co-workers. Survivors often feel deep sorrow and regret for their colleague’s misfortune. They may struggle with the knowledge that they get to keep their jobs and paychecks while others have lost theirs. This empathy can translate into a strong desire to support their laid off peers (good) whether through mentorship, financial assistance, or simply being a listening ear.

Additionally, the survivor’s sense of identity and belonging within the organization may be disrupted. The familiar work environment and social connections have been altered, leaving survivors to grapple with feelings of uncertainty and loss of purpose. This can undermine their self-worth and competence leading to anxiety about their future and the future of the company. The emotional turmoil of layoff survivor guilt, can have tangible impacts on the workplace.

Survivors may experience heightened stress and diminished productivity as they take on the workload of their departed colleagues. This increased burden coupled with the psychological toll can lead to burnout and further retention challenges for the organization.

Ultimately, layoff survivor guilt is a complex emotional response that requires thoughtful management and support from the employer. Addressing the needs of these people is crucial for maintaining morale, productivity, and long-term organizational health during these challenging times, and particularly after a downsizing event.

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People hire Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter to provide No BS job search coaching and career advice globally because he makes job search and succeeding in your career easier. 

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