How to Know a Career in Social Work is Right for You

How to Know a Career in Social Work is Right for You

Licensed clinical social workers are skilled individuals with a passion for people and helping them during some of the most challenging times of their lives. They assess and diagnose, form treatment plans, offer therapy and counseling, and even provide crisis intervention for people experiencing mental health emergencies.

Clinical social work is rewarding, and many people with a desire to help people know it’s the right career choice for them. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is entirely sure. You may believe a career in social work is right for you if you can relate to the information below: 

You Have Good Communication Skills

Anyone wanting to become a clinical social worker must have good communication skills. After all, meeting with individuals, families, and communities is a part of everyday life. All parts of your job will require you to do the best by other people, which can sometimes involve making hard decisions. The better your communication skills are, the easier you may find it to connect with your clients, create a supportive and safe environment, and ensure their needs are met. 

You’re Empathetic and Compassionate

Being a clinical social worker requires working with people from all walks of life. You’ll often be meeting them during some of their darkest days when they need support and mental health services.

As a result, being empathetic and compassionate is crucial to being the best clinical social worker you can be. Genuinely caring about helping people may help you perform your job to a higher standard. 

You Have Previous Experience with Helping People

You don’t need previous experience helping people to become clinical social workers. However, a former job or volunteer position assisting others may mean you already have a passion for people. 

This experience can help you understand the skills you need to become a social worker. If you believe helping people comes naturally to you, a career in social work may be a natural next step. 

You’re Adaptable and Flexible

Every day as a social worker is different. You may be required to provide last-minute crisis intervention at the end of a busy day or spend an entire day writing treatment plans or offering therapy and counseling. This variety can be exciting for someone who is adaptable and flexible. 

Social workers must wear many hats, and predictability is not something you can say about this profession. As a result, routine-driven people don’t always thrive in social work roles. 

You’re Resilient

Social work is an emotionally demanding job where you’ll sometimes be pushed to your limits. Some people find it challenging to disconnect from their clients and unwind after a hard day at work.

However, resilient people who manage their stress levels and emotions typically thrive in social work settings. As long as you have a strong support system and can maintain professional boundaries, you may spend many rewarding years in a social work role. 

You may not be entirely sure whether a job as a clinical social worker is right for you. However, if you care about people, are resilient and flexible, and have excellent communication skills, now might be the right time to explore education options and start your new career. 

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