Getting TOP Dollar in Your Final Interview

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
At final interviews, sometimes a firm starts to negotiate with you, catching too many unprepared. In this video, I’m going to discuss how to handle your side of the discussion.

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One Thing to Get Before Your Second or Final Interview

I’m going to be giving advice for negotiating job offers during final interviews with the end goal of getting a great package from a firm. I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People hire me for no BS job search advice and coaching globally, because I make the process so much easier for people.

So, let’s assume that they’re bringing up the subject of compensation during the final interview. I want you to start off by affirming or reaffirming as the case might be, your interest in the role in the company and how excited and happy to be that you did, you’d be able to join them. Talk about why you’d be a great match for them so that you’re laying a foundation for why you want to join and what you can contribute. Next, let’s assume that they’re now going to be talking about compensation. You respond initially by saying, “I’m really enthusiastic about this role. And I’m sure my experience is gloing to be of value to you.

Is there any flexibility in the salary we’re discussing here because based on the research I’ve done, that’s an average salary. I’m not average.” Then give them a range, I want to repeat that sentence, because it’s really a magic phrase I’m going to build on next. “Is there any flexibility, because based upon the research I’ve done, that’s an average salary, and I’m not average.” And then from there, and you’re given, you’re giving them a range based upon your own research. And they don’t have to know where you got the research from. You just have to affirm that based on your research, this is the more correct salary for you.

Listen, carefully listen to their reasoning and explain why you deserve a higher offer by highlighting the data that you found your achievements and how quickly they add value. And then I want you to say something like, The salary you’re discussing is a salary for someone who’s average. I’m not average.”And here’s the next part of this. “If I was, you wouldn’t be trying to hire me. That really boxes them in, because they know that that part’s true. They’ve seen a lot of average to poor performers. and you want to message yourself as being above average. And thus by telling them, “You wouldn’t be trying to hire me if I was average,” you’re sending a message to them that you deserve more.

Then from there, switch and start talking about signing bonuses, performance bonuses, additional vacation time, flexible work arrangements, any professional development money or early salary review dates, anything that comes to mind is fair game in the negotiation. Get creative. Walk in, not trying to figure this out on the fly, but have a list of ideas in advance, so that you can play with them beyond simply the money.

And then finally, thank them for whatever they’re gonna offer, even if it’s not ideal. And, when they make the offer, say you’re going to need a day or two to consider the full package, and then go over my video that’s called The Easiest Way to Negotiate a Higher Salary for Yourself.” I’ll have a link to that in the show notes. So that this is going to give you time to carefully review what they have and prepare a counter based on that video. That’s going to help you try and get them to increase the offer.

So final point I want to make is you want to be prepared in advance for this kind of conversation. And remember, with polite persistence and preparation, they’re not going to catch you off guard. You’ll be able to push their offer up a little bit. If you want advice from me, schedule time for a trusted advisor session at

Hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. visit my website. Again, that’s And there’s a lot in the blog that can help you. Plus you can find out about my video courses about final interviews and more, things like books and guides. Again, there’s a lot there that’s gonna help you.

Also connect with me on Linkedin at My network tends to be a lot larger than most of yours. So this way you have a way of expanding your network very easily.

Have a terrific day and be great. Good luck!

The Missing Ingredient in Too Many Final Interviews


People hire Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter to provide No BS job search coaching and career advice globally because he makes job searchJeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and succeeding in your career easier. 

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