Driving Performance in the Age of Disruption — Evil HR Lady

Driving Performance in the Age of Disruption — Evil HR Lady

Remember January of 2020 when you had never, not once, thought about rules regarding vaccines in the workplace? (Unless, of course, you worked in healthcare.) And 18 months later you could cite huge swaths of CDC guidelines by memory and had talked more about health than you had since your Junior Year in high school where the football coach taught health class.

Think of all the disruption you’ve seen in your career just since 2020: Pandemics, layoffs, hiring pushes, AI, more layoffs, salaries going bonkers, new regulations, new rules, and whew! What’s next?

No one knows, but it’s still your job to drive performance and coach your employees through it.

Marving Chambers, Leadership Coach & Ally is presenting a webinar on Tuesday, April 16 at 12:00 Eastern, 9:00 Pacific. Please join us and learn:

  • Navigate the Digital Age: Learn how HR leaders can thrive by fostering adaptability and decisiveness.
  • Master Coaching Skills: Dive deep into the core principles of coaching, including active listening and powerful questioning.
  • Boost Employee Performance: Discover coaching techniques that elevate performance, engagement, and development.
  • Shape Organizational Culture: See how coaching influences a culture of continuous learning and growth.
  • Practical HR Applications: Apply coaching to performance management, talent development, and beyond to enhance leadership effectiveness.
📅 Date: April 16th
🕒 Time: 12 noon ET (one hour)
📍Cost: $49, but WAIT, Evil HR Lady readers can get a 25 percent discount with the code EVILHRLADY

Don’t miss out on transforming your leadership as an HR professional in these disruptive times. Learn from Marvin Chambers how to be the coach your team needs to unlock their full potential.

Secure your spot now and become the change-maker in your organization’s HR practices.

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