Decoding Resume Writing for New Graduate Clients

When a resume writer tells me they love writing new graduate resumes because they are fast and easy, I cringe inside.

The only thing more complex than a new graduate resume (done right) is a resume for an IT project manager who constantly changes companies and projects!

Unlike experienced working professionals, to truly sell a new grad, you’ve got to pick up and examine every piece of the puzzle that makes up their story. This unique approach allows you to turn basic new grad data into extraordinary story-telling that gets results.

In this lesson, I’m sharing my unique expertise and strategy gained as an award-winning job placement director (top placements for 7 years out of 11 campuses in 2 countries) for a business school, college, and university.

Topics covered include:

  • Big, yet common, mistakes in new grad resumes.
  • Puzzle-piece approach to writing new grad resumes.
  • Unusual materials you must review to get at the winning data.
  • Understanding how to cross the bridge with unrelated experience.
  • How to get around paid experience vs. book learning.
  • Keywords for new grads with no related work history.
  • Content strategies for objective headers, summaries, keyword sections, coursework, awards, and more.
  • Ways to play up information that initially appears to be irrelevant.
  • Appropriate page length for new grad resumes.
  • Easy strategy to close 4-figure new grad resume sales.

While these new grad projects are complex and time-consuming, they can be extremely profitable and rewarding. While 4-figure sales are fantastic, nothing feels better than watching a new grad start their fabulous career in their field of training, thanks to you.

So, get ready to dig into this in-depth lesson.

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