Career Coach Office Hours: April 16 2024

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

I answered questions about #jobsearch. If you can’t attend live, mark that you’ll attend on LinkedIn, message your question to me there, and watch the replay

00:00 Intro

02:17 A story from Yahoo! Finance

05:35 An audio hiccup. No recording

07:01 What do people that work in staffing look for when headhunting for junior roles?

09:23 Is it appropriate to inform your interviewer that they will be answering the questions instead of asking them during an interview?

11:40 What is the significance of the “verified” badge on a LinkedIn profile? Are there any advantages to having this badge, or is it purely for visual purposes?

13:12 Is it more likely for an individual or a company page to be accepted for a LinkedIn verification badge?

14:36 What does the term ‘not a good fit’ mean when used by recruiters/employers? How should an applicant react if they are told this?

18:57 I got a message from a recruiter wanting to schedule an interview, but first, they want a pre-recorded one. Do recruiters value pre-recorded interviews even though they spend just seconds on a resume?

22:38 After the last round of 4 interviews, a month passed with no news. I sent an email to HR asking for update and they said (copying HR head) “sorry for the delay, we will be in touch shortly with an update.” Almost three weeks passed. What’s your interpretation?

24:06 A job I was supposed to have a phone interview with did not call at the designated time today despite them sending a confirmation email to me. However, I am desperate for work so with that said, should I bother any further with them?

25:59 When you apply for jobs, is It a good thing or not necessary to look at their ratings before accepting an interview or a job?

29:00 Outro

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