Best Font Combination Ideas For Bloggers

So you want to enter the blogging world? First, let me say YAY!

Or maybe you already have? Either way, chances are, you’ve seen these bloggers making beautiful images and products with…well, let’s be honest, very similar fonts!

So how can you make your blog stand out among the rest and REALLY get attention?


Listen, the more you are ORIGINAL and GENUINE, NOT copying others or doing things LIKE others, the more you will stand out and the more people will flock to you for your original, one-of-a-kind content.

Why does my online shop make millions of dollars in revenue each year? Because all my products are different and unique. 

It’s a little funny too. I used to get teased my whole life for being an “odd ball”. I never really FIT anywhere. It was like I was a misfit toy and the others shunned me because of it.

But having a blog and being online, I’ve found others that don’t fit either and together, we create an island of misfit toys, so to speak. A place where WE created our OWN place to belong. 

And that’s powerful! When everyone else is struggling to fit in, I’m out there just being unique and different and it WORKS! It’s led to me becoming a 7-figure online shop owner and I do the same thing with my courses, blog, and everything else I do online, and you can too! <3

So trust me when I say, you want to have different and unique fonts from others because it will say a lot about who you are as a blogger in more ways than you realize. 🙂 

You ready to get started?! 

Check out these best font combination ideas for bloggers!

Best Font Combination Ideas For Bloggers

Whether it’s for your blog or your products, you want to make sure your brand stands out right?? If you take just 5 minutes to scroll on Pinterest, Instagram or other social media channels, you’ll see just how much is out there and after a while, it all seems the same. 

One easy way to accomplish standing out, is to use FANTASTIC fonts! 

There’s a very easy way to do this.


When you are looking at those blog images, haven’t you seen the same fonts over and over? You don’t want to use the popular free fonts because guess what, that’s what everyone else is doing!

By using paid fonts you can eliminate questions like these:

  • Can you use them for your blog?
  • Are you going to get in trouble for using a font in a picture, pin, or product?
  • What if you sell something and use the font on a picture to promote the item?
  • Can you use the fonts in products you sell, such as a printable?

One of my favorite places to shop for fonts is through a website called Creative Market! They have SO many products which is awesome, but it can make it difficult when trying to figure out where to start. Not a problem! I’ve done the hard work for you with these awesome font combination ideas for bloggers

All of the fonts on this list are currently good to use for:

  • Commercial Use
  • Unlimited Number of Projects
  • Unlimited End Products For Sale

Looking for the best font combination ideas for bloggers? Here's a great set of super modern, elegant & fun font pairing inspiration! Perfect for blog post titles, website brand and professional logos! #script #sansserif #handwritten


Font words on the picture {Name of First Font} {Name of Second Font}

Creative Ways To Use These Fonts:

How can you use these awesome font combinations for your blog? Here are some suggestions…

Brand Your Blog With Them

This one thing can make a world of difference in your blog… make a brand board!

You can easily do this in any photo editing program and refer back to it whenever you need to. This is great for creating blog images, logos, favicons, profile pictures, etc. 

You can add these font combos as your headers, sub-headers, and body text to make them all match. Then when you go to create things for your blog, you can know what to use easily! Add your color codes for your blog too, so you don’t have to hunt them down each time you are creating something. 🙂

This also prevents you from using TOO MANY fonts on your blog. Pick a few and stick with it, and you’ll get that brand recognition!

Use For Blog Images For Pinterest

Do you have GREAT content but not a lot of clicks? It could be because your pin images aren’t up to par! 

Use these beautiful font combos to make your pins stand out among the rest! Use them in fun and creative ways to grab your reader’s attention so they can see the awesome content you have. 😉

Use On Opt-ins and Digital Content

Using these fonts doesn’t have to just stop at blog and image design – incorporate these into your opt-ins and digital products too!

This will really help tie everything together – you want someone to see your product or freebie and KNOW it is you. Using these font combos in your products will help with that. 

No matter what type of blogger you are – lifestyle, food, saving money, DIY, Christian, blogging – you NEED these awesome font combinations for your blog! 🙂

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