When it comes to organizing and coordinating clients and projects in your resume writing and career coaching business, it makes sense to see if there’s an app that can help you.

But too often they’re complicated or you end up using multiple for different needs…

Asana does this… Evernote does that… Calendly does this… Trello does it that way… Should you have a separate ‘serious’ CRM…?

Between multiple solutions in multiple places and the time and learning curve to learn complex solutions, it’s easy to just hit pause.

But then you don’t have the benefit of saving time, being organized, and having everything in one place at your fingertips for at-a-glance action!

Enter the free app, Notion. (Yes, there’s a $10/mo version, which is super low, should you need to do more).

Then Meet Kim Cramer of Simplify Your Digital Life, who is a big fan of Notion and provided a great overview and direction to some of her free resources.

One thing I want to stress is that Notion isn’t limited to Apple products. There’s an app for Android and it works on just about every browser from Safari to Chrome. You do NOT have to be an Apple lover to use it!

About the Session:

Feeling overwhelmed by digital clutter? Discover how one free app can revolutionize your approach to organization and increase your productivity!

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Notion 101: An easy-to-follow introduction to Notion including how to navigate and use this versatile app to bring simplicity and order to your digital life.
  • Digital Organization Strategies: Quick tips for organizing your digital life in Notion so it doesn’t become another clutter source!
  • Building Your First Notion Page: Step-by-step guidance on creating your first Notion page and how customizable templates can streamline your workflow.
    This workshop is perfect for anyone who’s looking to simplify and organize their digital life. With the focus on keeping technology simple, you’ll walk away feeling inspired and empowered to transform and simplify your digital life using this one free tool.

About Kim:

Kim is a Digital Productivity Strategist, Speaker and Coach who specializes in all things Apple. For over 11 years Kim has been on a mission to help busy, ambitious, professionals unlock the full potential of their Apple devices. Whether it’s in workshops, courses or group programs Kim loves helping untangle the tech challenges or productivity struggles that keep people stuck. Calendar chaos, project management, files and piles, and even email overload are some of her favorite challenges. Kim believes, with the right apps and strategies in place, you can transform your iPad, Mac, iPhone, or even your Apple Watch into the productivity time-savers they were meant to be!

Today’s focus will be on Notion… the #1 app she recommends for anyone struggling with digital organization!

To learn more about what she offers, you can find her at Simplify Your Digital Life.

Be sure to scroll below the video for free resources and special offers from Kim. 

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