A Great Indeed.com Resume Hack

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to get faster action on your resumes on Indeed.

Why Workshops, Courses and Bootcamps Don’t Work

In today’s competitive job market, leveraging the right tools and strategies can make all the difference in your job search. One such powerful platform is Indeed.com, a leading job search engine that aggregates job listings from across the web. However, there’s a little-known hack that can help you get faster action on your Indeed.com resume and gain a significant advantage over other job seekers.

The Indeed.com Resume Conundrum

One of the unique features of Indeed.com is its ability to shield the contact information of job seekers, requiring recruiters and employers to communicate through the platform’s messaging system. While this can provide a layer of privacy and control for job seekers, it can also create delays in the hiring process, potentially costing you valuable opportunities.

As a job seeker, you want to be able to communicate directly with potential employers and recruiters, allowing for a more efficient and responsive process. This is where the Indeed.com resume hack comes into play.

The Powerful Indeed.com Resume Hack

The solution to this challenge lies in a simple yet effective hack that was shared with Jeff Altman, also known as “The Big Game Hunter.” By incorporating your phone number and email address directly into the body of your resume, you can bypass the Indeed.com contact information shielding and enable direct communication with interested parties.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Include your contact information in the resume body: Under your current job section, work your phone number and email address into the content of your resume. This ensures that Indeed.com will not remove or hide this information.
  2. Maintain control when not actively job hunting: If you’re not actively seeking a new job, you can either remove your resume from the Indeed.com platform or edit the contact information area to avoid receiving unwanted calls or emails.

The Benefits of the Indeed.com Resume Hack

By implementing this simple hack, you can unlock several key advantages in your job search:

Faster Communication with Potential Employers

When recruiters and employers can directly reach out to you, you’ll be able to respond more quickly, increasing your chances of securing interviews and job opportunities. This speed can be a game-changer in a competitive job market.

Reduced Reliance on Indeed.com’s Messaging System

While Indeed.com’s messaging system can be a useful tool, it can also create delays and add an unnecessary layer of complexity to the hiring process. By including your contact information in your resume, you can take more control over your job search and communicate directly with interested parties.

Improved Visibility and Accessibility

When your contact information is readily available, you become more visible and accessible to potential employers. This can lead to more personalized outreach, increased engagement, and a higher likelihood of being considered for relevant job opportunities.

Leveraging the Indeed.com Resume Hack for Job Search Success

Implementing this Indeed.com resume hack is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your job search efforts. By taking control of your contact information and enabling direct communication with potential employers, you can increase your chances of securing interviews and landing your dream job.

Remember, the job search landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve with strategic hacks and techniques can give you a significant advantage. Embrace this Indeed.com resume hack and watch your job search progress soar.


In the competitive world of job searching, every advantage counts. The Indeed.com resume hack is a simple yet highly effective way to boost your visibility, improve communication, and increase your chances of landing your next great opportunity. Implement this strategy today and take your job search to new heights.

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