21 Remote Chat Agent Jobs You Can Do From Home

21 Remote Chat Agent Jobs You Can Do From Home

The way we work has transformed dramatically, and you can now find ample opportunities to establish your career from the comfort of your home. As an online chat agent, you can enjoy the flexibility of remote work and the convenience of an online job that fits your schedule.

Whether you’re seeking to provide stellar customer service, solve technical issues, or offer support through various communication platforms, online chat jobs offer a reputable and growing field in the remote job market.

With businesses increasingly valuing the importance of prompt online engagement, the demand for virtual chat support roles is on the rise, ensuring that you have the chance to build a stable and rewarding career right from your home office.

What is a Chat Agent?

A chat agent is a representative of a company or organization who interacts with customers or clients through text-based live chat interfaces on websites, messaging apps, or other digital platforms.

Remote chat agents can be either human personnel trained to assist with inquiries, provide support, troubleshoot issues, and offer information about products or services, and respond to a wide range of questions.

Online Chat agents aim to facilitate quick, convenient communication, helping to address users’ needs in real-time without the delay of email or the necessity of a phone call.

What are the Requirements for being a Remote Chat Agent?

To excel as a remote chat agent, whether in customer support or technical support roles, the following skills are required:


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Proficient typing skills. It’s often required that you type quickly and accurately to keep up with the pace of customer inquiries.
  • Strong communication abilities. You’re expected to articulate solutions clearly and professionally
  • Multitasking skills, that is your ability to handle simultaneous conversations with customers cannot be understated.
  • A problem-solving mindset

Technical Requirements:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Necessary computer equipment such as a functional computer and possibly a headset


  • Prior customer service or support experience (preferred)

21 Companies Hiring for Remote Chat Agent Jobs You Can Do From Home

When looking for remote chat agent jobs, there’s a variety of companies you can consider. These companies have been known to offer work-from-home chat support roles:

1. Chatdesk

Provides companies with outsourced customer support teams who engage with customers through chat, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

2. Clearcover

A technology-driven car insurance provider that employs chat agents to assist customers with purchasing policies and managing claims online.

3. Concentrix

A global customer experience company offering services including chat support, where agents help with customer engagement and issue resolution.

4. ModSquad

Offers digital engagement services, employing remote moderators and chat support agents who manage online communities and customer conversations.

5. Randstad

A global staffing agency that recruits for various positions, including online chat agents for temporary, permanent, and contract roles.

6. Wayfair

An e-commerce company specializing in home goods, providing customer service positions including chat agents to assist online shoppers.

7. Robert Half International

A professional staffing and consulting firm that places candidates in fields such as customer service, which includes chat support roles.

8. Conduent

Delivers business process services, with opportunities for chat agents in their customer experience management segment.

9. Kelly Services

A workforce solutions provider that offers a range of job opportunities, including customer service chat agent positions.


A freelancing platform where independent professionals can find remote work, including chat support roles offered by various clients.

11. Smile.io

A rewards program platform for e-commerce businesses that hires chat support specialists to help manage and optimize customer loyalty programs.

12. Teem

A workplace software solutions company that may offer roles for chat agents to support users with their platform.

13. HelpFlow

Provides 24/7 live chat teams for e-commerce websites, employing agents to engage with shoppers and assist with sales and support.

14. Costa Solutions

A managed labor provider in logistics and supply chain sectors, which may include chat support roles for coordination and customer service.

15. EtectRx

A digital health company developing ingestible event markers; while not a typical chat agent employer, they may have related support roles.

16. Future Homes

A real estate company that could employ chat agents to interact with potential home buyers and provide information on listings.

17. Outplex

Specializes in customer contact services, offering chat support positions to interact with customers across various industries.

18. Hustler Marketing

A marketing agency focused on email marketing that might have chat agent positions for client communication and support.

19. Amazon

The world’s largest online retailer, which employs chat support agents to help customers with inquiries, orders, and returns.

20. Arise

Provides a virtual call center platform, offering work-from-home chat agent jobs for those who want to provide customer support services.

21. Asurion

A technology protection and support company that offers opportunities for chat agents to assist customers with claims, technical issues, and product support.

How to Find and Secure A Remote Chat Agent Job?

In the realm of remote work, chat agent positions are flourishing as businesses continually seek ways to enhance their digital customer service.

Identifying Legitimate Employers

Be vigilant in your job search for online chat jobs, and avoid remote job scams. Ensure the employer is credible by checking for company reviews, payment transparency, and solid communication channels. A legitimate offer often includes clear job responsibilities and detailed requirements.

  • Payment: Be clear on the compensation. Authentic job postings will provide salary ranges or hourly rates.
  • Scope of Work: Legitimate chat support agent positions outline specific job duties and hours of operation.

Preparing Your Application

When preparing your application for chat agent jobs, tailor your resume to highlight problem-solving skills and written communication skills. Include any experience as a support representative or customer service rep, whether as an independent contractor or support agent.

  • CV: Buzzwords like ‘customer service representative’ and ‘live chat’ should feature prominently.
  • Native-Level English: If the role requires it, mention your proficiency prominently in your application.

Growing Your Career in Customer Support

To excel in the field after securing a job, invest in continual learning and skill enhancement. Establish a track record with companies such as Arise, ModSquad, or Concentrix by excelling in your role which may open doors to full-time positions. Networking within the industry and seeking certifications or additional training can attract prospective job opportunities and elevate you as a qualified candidate.

  • Digital Engagement: Hone skills related to the products you support.
  • Advancement: Be proactive in seeking additional responsibilities to signal your interest in career growth.

Find Online Remote Chat Agent Jobs From Home

The above are just a few of the numerous companies where you can find remote chat agent jobs. These roles typically require access to a reliable internet connection, strong communication skills, and may or may not demand technical or specialized knowledge, depending on the nature of the product or service being supported. With flexible hours and the ability to work from home, these positions offer convenience and the chance to build a career in customer service.

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