Summary Sunday Issue 554

We all need trusted sources for job search. Searching the internet and watching Tiktok videos isn’t always the best solution.

Summary Sunday Issue 554

There is and always has been conflicting advice and opinions when it comes to job search and especially resumes. (If you’ve ever asked 10 people for feedback on your resume then you know what I mean.)

People have different perspectives and preferences, work in different industries, at different jobs and at different levels. All these things play a part in the job search process. As much as we all try to make our job search advice universal, that’s just not possible.

This requires some critical thinking on your part. Ask yourself whether the advice you are hearing makes sense. Have you heard it (or read it) before? Have they told you WHY they are making the recommendation? Does it sound logical? And of course, consider the source. What is their background? And what is their experience in the hiring process?

For over 20 years, I’ve been involved in job search. I’ve worked in a staffing agency placing people, I’ve worked in human resources, hiring and firing people, I’ve been a hiring manager. And I’ve spoken with thousands of people since 2010 who have gone through challenging job searches. I have befriended recruiters, resume writers and other experts to keep my skills and knowledge fresh. If I don’t know the answer, I say so. And you don’t see me spamming your inbox with products and services because my primary mission is to help you learn how to do this job search thing better and faster.

Trust is hard to earn. It’s even harder to maintain. Thank you for trusting me!

In this week’s Summary, you’ll find job search resources to help with:

  • Evaluating job postings
  • A new newsletter for job seekers
  • Actions to take on social media when job searching
  • Using AI to network
  • LinkedIn profile tips
  • Workplace trends: RTO and Gen Z preferences
  • Generative AI used in Training & Development

I encourage you to follow/subscribe to the trusted sources referenced in this summary.


How To Decode a Job Description – Dave Fano, Teal

Everyone wonders if they should apply to a job. What if you don’t match everything they are looking for? This post is a breakdown of what to look for in a job description and a tool to make it easier to evaluate the job details.

Job Hopper News – Alison Doyle & Jen Hubley Luckwald

Alison and Jen have been trusted sources of job search information for quite a while. They’ve recently launched a free newsletter. Here’s what they say it will deliver:

  • Expert career advice: Learn from leading industry professionals and get the latest insights to navigate your career journey.
  • Actionable job search tips: Master the art of resume writing, ace your interviews, and land your dream job with our proven strategies.
  • Essential career tools: Discover resources and templates to help you build your online presence and showcase your skills.
  • Job training & apprenticeship opportunities: Explore programs that can equip you with the skills you need to advance your career.
  • Up-to-date job market news: Stay informed about industry trends and emerging opportunities.


Your Social Media Presence Can Help You Land (or Lose) a Job Opportunity – Harvard Business Review

When recruiters are sourcing candidates, they do more than look at their resume database. They are sourcing candidates using the internet and social profiles are a good place to look. See what steps to take and key dos and don’ts.

Artificial Intelligence Tips for Networking and Outreach – Marti Konstant

This is a step-by-step post on how to tap into the power of AI to find people to network with and craft a draft of an outreach message. These are two of the hardest parts of job search for many job seekers! Plus a recommended tool to search the internet in real-time.


Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for 2024! (backed by data) – Jeff Su

Here’s a video with solid actions to update your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to understand “why” and that’s included too! Jeff cites research by Sarah Johnston (find her whitepaper here).


Another Spin on the RTO Wheel – Korn Ferry

It’s proving hard to find the right balance of offering remote work. Employers (up to 90%) are requiring some in-office time. But that’s not the point of this article. “21% of employees say their employer has changed its return-to-office policy at least once; more interestingly, 6% said the bosses have changed the policy six times or more.” This waffling on policy is eroding trust.


9 Out of 10 Gen Z Candidates Quit Because of a Bad Hiring Process – Jobera

When thinking of the future workforce, tracking the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z can tell employers something. Here are some interesting points from the research:

Over 90% of Gen Z candidates have quit the hiring process without explaining why

  • 71% of candidates quit the hiring process because they didn’t get any feedback or the feedback was too slow
  • 68% quit because the hiring process was too long or complicated, and 52% quit because they had to do a free test task

This is just one snapshot of a limited dataset but it says a lot (to employers). Plus there’s this: 31% of hiring managers said they avoid hiring Gen Z and prefer hiring older candidates.

Understanding Gen Z in the Workforce: Insights for Employers and Job Seekers – RecruitingDaily

From stereotypes to soft skills to work preferences, this summary of a recent report by iHire dives into some of the preferences of these younger workers. For example: “… ‘Zoomers’, most Gen Zers prefer in-person work environments. Specifically, 82.4% want to work in person at least some of the time.” The in-depth report can be found here.


How Chief Learning Officers are Upskilling Employees with Generative AI – work-life

See how generative AI is being used by Deloitte and Coursera to improve learning and innovation. These are positive ways technology is improving the workforce.


Content Strategy for Thought Leaders – TLB Club Monthly Livestream – Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar, Richard van der Blom and I talked about creating content. It’s a lively discussion and reveals how we each go about figuring out what to post on LinkedIn (and other places).


Sharing Fun Facts About Yourself: 22 Examples & Ideas

10 LinkedIn Post Ideas For Job Seekers

10 Clear Signs Your Coworker Is Threatened By You

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