Summary Sunday Issue 552

When you are searching for a job, you will inevitably run into unexpected scenarios. You will have questions, experience self-doubt and even feel discouraged.

You’ll also experience great wins, meet wonderful people and discover new things about yourself.

That’s the roller-coaster of job search.

Consider Summary Sunday your resource for getting questions answered and showing you modern hacks to help you end your job search faster.

Summary Sunday Issue 552

Here’s what you’ll find in this issue of Summary Sunday:

  • Another way to find job postings on LinkedIn
  • 2 Lists to use to find target employers
  • Recruiting terminology job seekers should understand
  • Reasons to keep your resume format simple
  • A new font that will enhance your resume
  • Bypass LinkedIn’s Home feed to see posts you want to see
  • Refresh your LinkedIn About section with expert tips
  • Ways to bring up contrary opinions at work
  • Signs your coworker sees you as a threat

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How To Find Employer Job Posts (On LinkedIn) | David Hannan

Not all employers use LinkedIn’s job board to announce openings. It can be quite expensive. Additionally, companies often prefer to hire referred candidates. Employees will often post job opportunities on LinkedIn as posts. So how do you find them? This hack lays it out simply.

Targeting Employers

One of the best ways to take control of your job search is by creating a list of companies YOU would like to work for. This serves a couple of purposes. First, you can follow these companies on LinkedIn and see what they are posting about. Second, you can look for employees on LinkedIn who work there and who are your connections and reach out to those in similar roles and connect with them. Third, you can go directly to their careers site on their website and look at jobs posted there. I wrote about targeting companies here.

To help you create your target list, check out these new lists by LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Top Companies 2024: The 15 best midsize employers to grow your career in the U.S.

LinkedIn Top Companies 2024: The 50 best large workplaces to grow your career in the U.S.


Common Recruiter Terms and Why They Matter to Your Job Search | Sarah Johnston

Do you know how to get found by recruiters? Sarah gives some good tips! Do you know how many reqs a typical recruiter manages at one time? And why it matters to you as a job seeker? Should you bother to apply to a job if it’s been posted for 37 days or longer? Learn why time to hire matters to recruiters.


I don’t often post about resumes, but when I do, it’s important!

The Arguments Against Using ‘Fancy’ Resume Templates | Random Recruiter

You’ll see bad examples of resume templates and why you shouldn’t use them. (Logic is always important). And you’ll see some examples of better templates. And follow this advice when formatting your resume:

“Do yourself a favor and use a “boring”, easy-to-read resume format.

  • Resumes should have a boring, basic format
  • They should be easy to skim/read
  • The bullet points should clearly articulate ‘what you did, how you did it, and what you accomplished’”

A Professional Resume Writer Says You Need to Use Microsoft’s New Font On Your Resume | Donna Svei

There’s a new font in town and Donna explains why it is worth converting your resume to this new Microsoft font.


How To Prevent Doom Scrolling On LinkedIn | Marie Zimenoff

How do you make sure you find the posts from people you want to see on LinkedIn?

Follow these steps and create your own private “Must Read” list from people who are important to you on LinkedIn.

How To Write A Better LinkedIn About Section | Jim Peacock

A panel consisting of career professionals share their expert opinions on how to write a better LinkedIn About section. Sabrina Woods, Jim Peacock, Bob McIntosh and myself explain what better looks like.


Better Conversations: 8 Experts Answer ’How Do I Voice a Contradictory Opinion at Work?’ | InHerSight

We’ve all had to advocate for something at work. Often, trying to win over others. Here are some ways to help you speak up and speak out when you feel like you are going against the grain.

10 Clear Signs Your Coworker Is Threatened By You | Career Sherpa

While a little competition in the workplace might help bring out the best in everyone involved, an atmosphere rooted in envy, fear, or jealousy can do the exact opposite. Here are 10 signs to watch out for and what to do.


15 Ways to Own Digital Terrain

HR, Recruiters, Hiring Managers…they all have different missions

Prepare for Interviews using these questions

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