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(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by our friends at HRdirect, a trusted source for employee-related compliance, administration, and motivation tools. They serve as a one-stop shop to make employee management easier. Enjoy the read!)

I recently published an article about the importance of having a labor law posting strategy. In it, Lillian Chavez, Esq., managing legal research attorney at ComplyRight mentioned that there are on average more than 200 mandatory federal, state, city, and/or county posting changes each year. And with each change, an immediate poster update or replacement is necessary. 

It got me thinking. I’m sure there are some organizations that might be saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a way to know about labor law changes sooner?”. Because the faster organizations become aware of changes in legislation, the faster they can put a compliance plan in place. While I mentioned labor law posting changes at the beginning of this article, some changes to employment laws might require updates to job applications, policies and procedures, or employee handbooks. It’s also possible that the change might require employee handouts

Being able to take a more proactive approach to compliance can also reduce any liability (i.e., fines and penalties) for non-compliance. And it shows everyone that the organization places an emphasis on following the law. 

Our friends at HRdirect have an Employment Law Alert Service that can help organizations stay current with employment related legislation. This is an annual subscription service that will keep your organization informed of changes to employment laws on a federal, state, county, and city level. Here’s how it works:

HRdirect’s expert legal team will monitor employment-related legislative activity around the U.S. including over 20,000 agencies. The types of employment-related legislation that will be monitored include:

  • Discrimination and harassment;
  • FMLA, sick pay, bereavement, meal breaks, and rest periods;
  • Minimum wage, equal pay, and salary history;
  • OSHA, safety, and smoking in the workplace;
  • Plus, many others.

When there’s a change, you’ll receive an attorney reviewed and approved email alert. The email will take you to a summary of the law – in plain language – and provide a link to the full text of the legislation for reference. It will also suggest some action items for implementing the new requirements. 

This alert service positions the organization to quickly understand the change and immediately make compliance decisions. In addition to the email alerts, subscribers will have access to a database of recent alerts with suggested next steps. 

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HRdirect is offering a two-month FREE trial, and you don’t have to put a credit card on file to sign up. After the free trial, you will receive a $30 discount on an annual subscription. Honestly, this is a great offer. Organizations have nothing to lose by testing it out – because it’s free and you don’t have to put a credit card on file. There are three things I really like about this service.

  1. As a human resources professional, I can feel comfortable that legal professionals are watching out for legislation that impacts my organization. That frees up my time so I can focus on doing other things like recruiting and training. 
  1. When there’s a new law or a change to employment laws, I receive a summary and some talking points that I can share with my team and senior management. We can strategize on the right next step for our organization and workforce. 
  1. I can use the database to conduct a mini-audit and make sure my company remains in compliance. This is a great project to conduct regularly and ensure that we’re doing all the right things. 

We all know that compliance is an important part of our role in human resources, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing we do. Finding partners who can help us maintain compliance just makes good business sense. 

I hope you’ll check out the Employment Law Alert Service that HRdirect is offering and take advantage of the free trial. It’s a great opportunity to stay compliant, make your work easier, and provide greater value to the organization. 

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