[Newsletter] 4 Secondary But Highly Impactful Benefits Of Remote Work​

[Newsletter] 4 Secondary But Highly Impactful Benefits Of Remote Work​

Go on ​Remotive.com. Find an interesting company that’s hiring right now. (I’ll wait here.)

Now say “Hi, I’d love to learn more about XYZ. Do you have a minute?” to someone who works there.

Do this over and over again until you find a job.


💼 ​Finding a Remote Job After You Got Laid-Off​ (Remotive) ~ Good info for anyone looking for remote work.

​4 Secondary But Highly Impactful Benefits Of Remote Work​ (Forbes) ~ These benefits are highly underrated if you ask me.

🤮 ​How to Tell If a Prospective Workplace Is Toxic​ (HBR) ~ This is so important. Remote does not necessarily mean a healthy work environment.

📊 ​Workers Say This Much WFH Time Would Bolster Their Well-Being​ (Inc) ~ Everyone has a different sweet spot. Remote work is not one size fits all.

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