System Integration Specialist

April 18, 2024

Job Description

3S Business Corporation

Role : System Integration Specialist

Location: West Chester, PA (or) Englewood, CO

6+ Months


System Integration Specialist Mandatory Skills: Scripting languages (Python/Java/Shell), Payment Domain, Payment Routing Engines API, JSON/XML/JS 


Required Skills/Experience: 

– 5-8 years of relevant software engineering experience 

– Experience in Payment domain, payment routing engines and working with various payment protocols. 

– Hands-on experience in scripting languages Shell scripting, Python, Java, or similar for scripting and automation. 

– Prior experience in system integration 

– integration of applications/technologies 

– Strong understanding of APIs and data interchange formats (JSON, XML, JS). 

– Familiarity with security standards and compliance in the payment industry. Preferred Experience: 

– Experience in Go Template, jQ, Go language 

– Hands-on experience with popular payment routing engines. 

– Knowledge of industry trends and emerging technologies in payment processing. 

– Familiarity with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). 



– Payment System Integration: Lead the integration of payment routing engines into our systems, ensuring compatibility with various payment gateways, processors, and financial institutions. 

– Technical Analysis: Conduct thorough technical analysis of existing systems and infrastructure to identify integration points and potential challenges. 

– API Integration: Design and implement APIs to facilitate communication between our applications and the payment acquirers ensuring smooth data exchange. 

– Configuration and Customization: Configure and customize payment routing parameters based on business requirements, ensuring optimal transaction flow and routing decisions. 

– Testing and Quality Assurance: Collaborate with QA teams to develop and execute test plans, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of payment transactions. 

– Troubleshooting: Investigate and resolve integration issues, providing timely and effective solutions to minimize downtime and disruptions. 

– Performance Optimization: Optimize the performance of payment routing processes, identifying and addressing bottlenecks to enhance overall system efficiency. 

– Documentation: Create comprehensive documentation for integration processes, configurations, and troubleshooting procedures



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Shankar | Sr. Technical Recruiter 



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