Geek Squad City Service Supervisor

Job Description

Best Buy

The Geek Squad City (GSC) Supervisor is responsible for driving superior client service and employee engagement in addition to goal setting, coaching, training, and development of their team. They are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day needs and Work in Progress (WIP) for the team.

At Best Buy, we are obsessed with building long term relationships with our customers. Every team member should feel empowered to deliver a world-class and unique experience based on what each customer needs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Helps drive a positive customer experience by building relationships, exhibiting empathy, and providing solutions to their needs.

  • Coaches, develops, and trains current team members to reach business metrics.

  • Monitors exceptions, schedules, and time off in time management system.

  • Assists managers with performance feedback in one-on-one sessions and Performance and Development Guide.

  • Works within contingent company guidelines.

  • Executes change management within the team as required.

  • Onboards and trains new team members.

  • Tracks and reports both individual and department productivity, quality, staffing levels, progress, and concerns

  • Supervises the team’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) compliance for customer service.

  • Initiates new program tracking and compliance with existing SOPs.

  • Makes sound financial decisions about waste, exceptions, and junk outs as it relates to impacting local P&L

Department Specific

Customer Service Supervisor

  • Manages collection of payments and service fees at point of sale (POS) as it pertains to proprietary services.

  • Maintains inventory of all client and vendor owned hard drives.

  • Partners with leadership on customer service initiatives and projects.

Deputy Counter Inspector

  • Ensures WIP is managed and reviewed according to SOP.

  • Researches new tools and develops new SOPs to continue growth.

  • Partners with peers to ensure all lines are managed consistently.

Inventory Supervisor

  • Maintains inventory integrity.

  • Manages overstock to vender (OTV) and return to vender (RTV) to ensure inventory accuracy.

  • Schedules pick up and deliveries.

Maintenance Supervisor

  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs equipment including issues that occur with powered vehicles, conveyors, bailers, compactors, and pallet wrappers.

  • Develops SOPs for new equipment processes and regularly review current SOPs.

  • Obtains certifications for all equipment used in company facility.

Parts Supervisor

  • Manages parts inventory, ensuring counts and leakage are resolved.

  • Manages parts issues and escalations including quality concerns, junk outs, and vendor rejections.

  • Monitors parts proprietary sy


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