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Marketing your business is easier if you are an established company or business. You can distribute the tasks to different departments to make them more manageable. Marketing is a tad more difficult as a freelancer because you have to handle every marketing task, and given the competition they have to face, the pressure can increase significantly.

Fortunately, social media is the perfect tool to promote and market your brand continuously. Instagram, in particular, is an ideal tool since it can help you promote your business, attract the right clientele, and earn money. But how can you polish your Instagram strategy to attract more freelance clients? Here’s how below!

Use A Business Account

Since you will use Instagram for your marketing needs, you must use a business account rather than a personal one. This business account must be free from personal photos since this will not be of interest to your target audience.

With a business account, you will also have access to Instagram analytics, which will help you determine which stories and posts have gained a lot of views and how your target audience moved around your account. Using the data, you can adjust your posts and engagements accordingly and get more results.

Remember to put an exciting bio on your profile to attract the right people to your account and get them to check your posts.

Use The Right Hashtags

If you want your posts or stories to be seen by the right people on Instagram, they must have the right hashtags. Hashtags will allow your post to be seen by more audiences, especially those who have not followed your page yet. Users often use hashtags to find interesting posts related to a topic, and if the post is interesting, it will surely get a like.

It is important to note that the number of hashtags you can use on posts is limited to 30 for each standard post and 10 for each story. You should also be careful with the hashtags you use since using popular hashtags increases the chances of them being buried under new posts.

Know When To Post

Another way to boost your presence on Instagram and gain clients is to know when to post your content. Posting at the right time allows you to reach your target market faster and helps you stay up-to-date with your posts.

Have a schedule for your posts and prepare them in advance to keep your rhythm.

Showcase Your Best Works

Instagram is the ideal platform for showcasing your offerings through photos and videos. You can be very creative in promoting your offerings, from simple product shots to actual product reviews. You can also use quotes with your photos to appeal to a wider audience.

Communicate With Your Audience

When your profile is online, engage actively with your target market. For example, leave comments on posts, respond to comments on your own posts, and even ask questions. Do not use a standard response to your target audience so they know you are real.

Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms you can consider for marketing your business as a freelancer. However, suppose you can create a strategy that utilises the platform as your marketing tool. In that case, you will have an advantage over other freelancers who do not use Instagram for their marketing strategy. Try the tips above to utilise the platform and tweak it accordingly to your needs to achieve the best results!

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