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(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by our friends at UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture cloud solutions. Newsweek named UKG for the second consecutive year to their Greatest Workplaces for Women. Congrats to them and enjoy the article!)

I belong to a couple of online human resources groups. I’m sure you do too. One of the questions I’ve noticed coming up a lot lately in these groups is where human resources professionals can find free, quality professional development programs. Today’s article answers that question. 

The UKG HR and Payroll eSymposium is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 10a to 4p Eastern. The theme for this event is “Build Trust at Work”. Organizations need to craft and maintain a culture of trust to be successful. Customers want to trust the companies they do business with. Employees want the same thing. 

One way to view the value of building trust is in terms of workplace currency. I chatted about this with Julie Develin and Chas Fields in an episode of The HR Bartender Show. According to Deloitte, high trust workplaces can outperform their peers by up to 400% and achieve 2x customer satisfaction. Employees who work for a high trust employer are 79% more motivated and less likely to leave.

Making Time for Professional Development is Important

Before I share a few program highlights (especially the latest in Artificial Intelligence and its role in building trust), I want to remind everyone that making time for your own professional development is important. 

If a manager or employee came to HR to say they don’t have time to attend a training event, we’d tell them that “developing our knowledge and skills makes us better at our jobs”. And it’s true. Now is the time to take our own advice. Here are four benefits to attending this event.

It’s FREE. Organizations are still watching their budgets. And that’s okay because there are good, free events for HR and payroll professionals. The UKG HR and Payroll eSymposium is one of those great, free events. Since the event is free, your organization can have multiple people attend, and then maybe set up a meeting to discuss takeaways from the sessions. It’s a great way for HR and payroll to learn from each other.

The content is high-quality and relevant. Our time is valuable. Even when it comes to a free event, it’s important to have good sessions with relevant takeaways. One of the things that I continue to be impressed with is the quality of speakers and cutting-edge topics that UKG brings together for these eSymposiums. 

The sessions will be recorded. While this is a virtual event and being able to attend the live sessions is always beneficial, if you’re not able to, no worries. Most sessions will be made available on-demand. That way if you’re torn between two sessions you can always listen to one live and the other on-demand. Honestly, I will admit I sometimes rewatch sessions again to catch some tidbits I may have missed, especially if I’m trying to use the information in a business case presentation.

You can earn professional development credits. The educational sessions have been pre-approved for up to 14 recertification credits with several HR and payroll professional organizations (listed below). UKG will be providing a certificate of participation for your files.

This HR and Payroll eSymposium has several sessions designed to help individuals and organizations examine their current workplace strategies and design some new ones. You can check out the full agenda, speaker profiles, and register by visiting the HR and Payroll eSymposium website, but here are a few sessions that immediately caught my attention.

Cultivating Connection: Building Trust in the Workplace of the Future

Cultivating a culture of connection has never been more crucial, and yet the research consistently shows that there is an epidemic of loneliness, disconnection, and declining trust between colleagues. Morag Barrett and Ruby Vesely from SkyeTeam will share the challenges and friction points that emerge in a hybrid world and the hidden cost that a lack of trust levies on team dynamics, productivity, and overall organizational health. With real-world examples, you’ll identify the first steps you can take to cultivate a culture of connection in a world of disconnection, ensuring that trust becomes the bedrock of every interaction.

InspirAItion at Work: Real Talk on How AI Makes Great Workplaces Even Better

GenAI and other emerging AI technologies have created a major buzz at most organizations, but what does any of it actually look like in practice? How do we use these powerful tools in the right ways to make the biggest impact? In this panel discussion, they bring together analyst, technologist, and practitioner perspectives to provide real, on-the-ground examples of what’s possible, proving that AI is most valuable when used in service of people. You’ll leave this session with actionable insights into creating the kinds of empowering employee experiences that drive tangible business success through ethical, culture-focused AI solutions.

Building Trust Through Enhanced Security Measures

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring robust security measures within organizations is paramount to fostering trust, safeguarding data, and promoting information sharing. To achieve this, organizations must adopt comprehensive strategies addressing various security aspects. During this session, Mustapha Kebbeh, chief security officer at UKG, will discuss how organizations can build effective, resilient security frameworks that protect sensitive data, inspire trust among stakeholders, facilitate information sharing, and mitigate the risk of security breaches. 

Turn HR Obstacles into Opportunities

Creating a great workplace can seem like a daunting task. Poor timing, budget constraints, competing priorities — these can all make the process overwhelming. But not pursuing greatness is a serious risk to the organization. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative to empower HR pros to not only navigate challenges but also to emerge as drivers of positive change and growth. Drawing insights from recent research by Great Place To Work®, Julian Lute, senior manager and strategic advisor at Great Place To Work will explore some of the most common challenges facing HR leaders along with strategies to create alignment and move forward with confidence.

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Build Trust at Work: Register for the HR and Payroll eSymposium 

I hope you’ll agree that the agenda for this HR and Payroll eSymposium looks fascinating and relevant to what’s taking place right now in the workplace. The agenda is designed to deliver education on the topics we face every day and could potentially face in the future. It has the ingredients many of us look for in professional development opportunities: 1) high-quality content, 2) no cost to attend, and 3) pre-approved for recertification. We all know this doesn’t happen very often

HR and payroll professionals are focused on a lot of things right now, like recruiting, retention, and compliance. There are days when we say to ourselves that we can’t possibly think about carving out time to attend a professional development program. But it’s important that we find ways to build in our own professional development. We will be better HR and payroll professionals and the business will be better for it. 

Sign up for the UKG HR and Payroll eSymposium. I’ve been participating in these events for several years and consistently find them to be a high-quality learning opportunity. Here are the registration details:

Build Trust at Work UKG eSymposium registration for HR and Payroll professionals

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