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Are you looking for a way to increase your current salary? Or can you do it in your spare time without having to move to your computer to complete it?

You will be surprised to know that there are jobs that you can complete through your phone, and they won’t take a lot of time.

Down below are 10 jobs you can try out and what duties you can expect when you apply for them:

App Tester

    As an app tester, you test mobile or PC apps before they are launched to the public. You note all the bugs and provide feedback for the developers to consider or correct. The developers may also ask you to stress-test these apps to view their performance in different conditions.

    ESL Teacher

    You can also be an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher without using your PC to get it done. As an ESL teacher, you will do lessons online and help students with their conversational English. Many apps available in smartphone stores can help with these lessons, and if needed, you can use emails or messaging apps to send messages to your students.

    Social Media Assistant

    Social media assistants work with clients who need someone to manage their social media platforms and grow their following. It will be up to you to update these accounts and respond to any inquiries or comments. You must also be able to track impressions and create engaging posts that will bring people to the client’s platform.

    QA Tester

    A quality assurance tester ensures that the quality of websites, digital systems, and products is up to standards before they are released to the public. Like app testers, QA testers note any issues and report them to the creators.

    Content Creator

    As its name suggests, content creators make content as part of their careers. They can post their content on various platforms, growing their community and working with partners to get more views. Content creators can use their phones to produce their content and even edit it from their phones. You can select a specific niche for your content, and if your content gets traction, partners can reach out to you for sponsored content.

    Live Chat Agent

    Working as a live chat agent involves answering questions asked by inquiring customers and helping them with their problems. They can also recommend the inquiry to the proper team if needed. There are many live chat apps that you can use for your work, but before installing them, ask the client which one they prefer to use for their business.

    Copy Clerk

    Copy clerks help clients prepare documents that they will use for their business. It is recommended that you are someone who can always prepare documents quickly and accurately, meeting their deadlines. Some documents you may be asked to work on include letters, reports, transcripts and forms. Your clients may also ask you to do other administrative tasks like sorting and delivering letters, filing documents and answering messages.

    Data Entry

    Data entry workers type offline information on hard copies into different digital programs, such as spreadsheets, documents, and others. Some data entry positions may even include scanning hard copies, transcribing information, and updating information. Some tasks may also require knowledge of using optical character recognition (OCR) to input certain information into digital formats.

    Facebook Moderator

    If you know your way around Facebook and are knowledgeable about growing an online community, you can find a job as a Facebook moderator. You will be tasked to keep the community active by answering inquiries, commenting on posts, and ensuring there are no issues in the community.

    Mystery Or Professional Shopper

      As a mystery shopper, you will go undercover to shop at retail outlets and see how well the shopping experience is for the store. Some of the things you will be asked to report include product pricing, store ambience and customer experience. The instructions are often sent on your phone, and shoppers are given a set budget for doing their tasks.

      It is easier to find a job you can do on your phone. But make sure to do a trial run of the position first before you commit to it. Even if they are jobs you can do on your phone, these are still jobs you should take seriously.

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